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7 December 2012

10:00am - 11:00am GMT (UK Local)

Jamie Knowles, CTO, Corso
Richard Gotch, Director, Abeo Verto

Who should attend
Change and strategy professionals, Focal Point users

For questions about the webinar, please email us at events@corso3.com

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Is your company stubborn or open-minded? How adaptable is it to change? Here's how to find out ...

A one-off survey won't work



It won't tell you much about your organisation's culture
Or how easily your company can adapt to change
Or how it compares to others

And it will quickly become out-of-date

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Corso and Abeo Verto have teamed up to provide a compelling way to gather and manage this information centrally.

  • Based on years of practical experience and academic research on organisational cultures

  • Always-on survey means it's always up-to-date

  • Ability to baseline and show how your organisation has changed over time

  • Unique benchmarking feature will compare your results to peers and competitors

  • Centrally managed, web-based with no software to install

Join this webinar to see a live demonstration of the Corporate Culture and Values Survey.

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